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Ueno, Asakusa, Akihabara Area


Photo provided by the Tokyo Zoological Park Society

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A free original Ueno Zoo product (not for sale) at the East General Information Center.

*Valid for customers after admission.


Japan’s oldest zoo opened in 1882. The park is divided into east and west sections where visitors can travel back and forth on foot and monorail (for a fee). It is home to giant panda, polar bears, Aye-aye, and other rare animals from around the world. Also located on the park grounds are historical buildings such as a Five-story Pagoda of the former Kan'ei-ji temple (a national important cultural property), and a natural pond called "Shinobazu Pond".

  • ■CLOSE/*Closed every Monday. (Closes Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday.) Open Mondays in some months.
  • ■Tel/03-3828-5171
  • ■Address/9-83 Ueno Park Taito-ku, Tokyo
  • Directions
  • Ginza Line/Hibiya Line Ueno Station Exit 7, 12 min.
  • Chiyoda Line Nezu Station Exit 2, 5 min.
  • Oedo Line Ueno-okachimachi Station Exit A3, 15 min.
  • Toei Bus「上26」「上58」「上60」 routes Ikenohata-Nichōme: 5 min.

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