How to use CHIKA TOKU

One-day ticket for unlimited ride and access to extra value offers.

One-day tickets offer unlimited rides on the Tokyo Metro and within the designated area of the TOEI TRANSPORTATION. The ticket offers convenience and terrific deals for tourists and business travelers when traveling to popular attractions, famous restaurants, and shopping destinations in Tokyo, which is packed with fun activities to experience.

CHIKA TOKU is a service that gives extra value offers such as discounts or free gifts to purchasers of an eligible one-day ticket at over 230 locations. Redeem offers as many times as you want on the same day, but only one offer can be redeemed at the same location.

One-day ticket offers unlimited ride for the day. Take advantage of the ticket and save money when sightseeing in Tokyo.

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4 steps of easy, money-saving benefits.

step1Purchase a one-day ticket
Purchase a one-day ticket

●Select the one-day ticket that suits your purposes.

Various types of one-day tickets offer unlimited rides to different routes and areas. Be sure to select the most appropriate ticket based on the destinations and attractions you would like to visit.

※Check the websites for Tokyo Metro and TOEI TRANSPORTATION for more details on eligible tickets for CHIKA TOKU and a railway map to see zones for unlimited rides.

step2Get on a subway
Get on a subway

●The benefits are greater than you probably expect!

CHIKA TOKU offers discounts at over 230 locations in the Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway stations in Tokyo when you show an eligible one-day ticket. Search the shops that offer extra value offers on the go, or make plans to visit locations based on the offers. Refine your search by the eight areas in Tokyo and category of the location.

step3Present your one-day ticket at your favorite locations!
Present your one-day ticket at your favorite locations!

●Just show your one-day pass you are using.

To receive CHIKA TOKU offers, simply present your one-day ticket at the shops advertising the offers. Receive services at discounted prices at multiple locations with just one ticket or pass.
*Please note that the discount services are not available by showing the screen for the smartphone guide and so on.

step4Various extra value offers are available at over 230 locations!
Various extra value offers are available at over 230 locations!

●Three types of extra value offers!

Free gift icon:
Offers original gifts, free drinks, and desserts as an extra value offer.

Discount icon:
Offers discounted prices on admission, dining, and shopping as an extra value offer.

Free upgrade icon:
Offers a free upgrade on size, extended time, and services as an extra value offer.



●Eligibility for extra value offers requires presenting a valid train ticket at participating locations. Extra value services cannot be used by showing the CHIKA TOKU website's "Guide to Extra Values" page displayed on your smartphone or other device to location staff. Qualify for one of the extra value offers by presenting a valid train ticket before its expiration date.
●Present a train ticket valid for extra value offers when entering the location or store. Any delay in presenting a valid train ticket might mean that the extra value offers may no longer apply.
●Customers who use tickets eligible for the benefits available through the PASMO PASSPORT are asked to present the reference paper issued at the time of purchase.
●Cannot be combined with any other offers or coupons. In addition, the offers do not apply to facility tickets that were purchased in advance except under exceptional circumstances.
●Each train ticket makes you eligible for special offers at the shops and restaurants listed. Unless otherwise stated, each ticket is valid once per person at each shop or restaurant. However, the terms of use vary from one location to another. Please check with a representative when you redeem a ticket for one of the offers.
●Please contact each location and store for open hours and closed days.
●The content or availability of CHIKA TOKU extra value services are premised on normal operating hours. With regard to location currently implementing special measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection, extra value services may be temporarily suspended. For information regarding service availability, please check with each location individually.
●When visiting a facility providing an extra value offer, if the closest station to the facility is not included in the section covered by your discount ticket, extra train fare occurs.
●The CHIKA TOKU extra value offers apply only to customers who have ordered food or beverages or have purchased any merchandise at the facilities or shops, in principle. Some extra value offers may be given without conditions. For further information, please inquire at the relevant facilities or shops.
●For any inquiries about use of the extra value offers, please contact the relevant facilities or shops directly.

Types of one-day tickets

This section shows some of the one-day tickets eligible for CHIKA TOKU offers. Check the websites for Tokyo Metro and TOEI TRANSPORTATION for more details.


Common One-day Ticket for Tokyo Metro & Toei Subway
Common One-day Ticket for Tokyo Metro & Toei Subway
Tokyo Subway Ticket
Tokyo Subway Ticket (24-hour,48-hour,72-hour)

Tokyo Metro

Tokyo Metro 24-hour Ticket
Tokyo Metro 24-hour Ticket


Toei One-day Pass
Toei One-day Pass

See a list of one-day passes/tickets eligible<br>for CHIKA TOKU extra value offers.

  • Tokyo Metro

Check the websites for Tokyo Metro and TOEI TRANSPORTATION for more details on eligibility for the CHIKA TOKU and a railway map to see zones for unlimited rides.