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Details of the extra value offer

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Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Toshima Area


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Extra value offers are available in 19 stores.

Mansei Noodles [Pork Ribs Noodles]B1F
A free seasoned egg.
*For customers who ordered food.
Mansei [Hamburg and Steak]B1F
Free ice cream.
*For dine-in customers.
Tempura Tsunahachi [Tempura, Japanese Cuisine]B1F
A free small draft beer or oolong tea.
*For dine-in customers with an order of ¥2,000 or more who arrived after 3 p.m.
NAGASAKA SARASHINA [Japanese Soba, A La Carte]B1F
A free bag of Gozen Soba.
(dried noodles)
*For dine-in customers.
Suminoe [Casual Western Cuisine]B1F
A gift of free bread.
*For customers who ordered a dinner course.
Takano Fuit Parlor [Fruits Parlor offering Seasonal Fruits]B1F
A free mini mixed fruit juice.
*For dine-in customers.
Oiwake Dango Honpo [Desserts, Anmitsu]B1F
Free vanilla ice cream with kinako.
*For dine-in customers.
SASAJIN [Donburi]B1F
A free drink.
(Orange juice or oolong tea)
*For dine-in customers with an order of ¥1,000 or more.
Kyoto Arashiyama Yoshiya [Japanese Cuisine with Kyoto Vegetables]B1F
A small dessert.
*For dine-in customers.
Mametoro [Soft-Served Cream, Kyoto Confectioneries]B1F
Free upgrade from single to double of "Mame An Soft".
Dr.Stretch [Stretch]B1F
10-minute extra session for free.
URANAI MIHO [Fortune Telling]B1F
Free palm reading or tarot reading.
*For customers who received consultation.
Aiwa Foods [World's Nuts and Fruits Drink]B2F
Free upgrade from a regular-sized juice to large size.
Shinjuku Nakamuraya [Japanese Confectioneries, Chinese steamed bun]B2F
Three pieces of free usuawase (small Japanese bean-jam pie).
*With any purchase of ¥3,240 or more.
Raffine [Relaxation Space]B2F
A free bag of herb tea.
*For customers who received a treatment.
PABLO:specializing in cheese tarts [Specializing in cheese tarts]B2F
¥50 off
*With any purchase of ¥500 or more.
SWEETS PARADISE CAKE SHOP [Western Confectioneries (Cake)]B2F
A free original gift.
*With any purchase of ¥540 or more.
Get a large drink for the price of a medium drink.
(Coffee or iced coffee)
HIROTA [Cream Puffs, Western Confectioneries]B2F
A free ice cream puff.
*With the purchase of five ice cream puffs or more.


This underground shopping center is situated at the west exit of Shinjuku Station, making it a convenient place even on rainy days. The mall is lined with restaurants and specialty shops and is useful as a meeting place.

  • ■/
  • ■Tel/03-3343-0674
  • ■Address/1-1-2 Nishi-Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
  • Directions
  • Marunouchi Line Shinjuku Station ●Directly connected via underground passage
  • Oedo Line Shinjuku-nishiguchi Station ●Directly connected via underground passage
  • Toei Bus「C・H01」「白61」「宿74」「宿75」「早77」「王78」「宿91」「品97」routes Shinjuku Sta. Nishiguchi: 2 min.

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  • ●Eligibility for extra value offers requires presenting a valid train ticket at participating locations. Please note that the CHIKA TOKU Guidebook cannot be used to receive the extra value offers. Qualify for one of the extra value offers by presenting a valid train ticket before its expiration date.
  • ●Present a train ticket valid for extra value offers when entering the location and store. Any delay in presenting a valid train ticket might mean that the extra value offers may no longer apply.
  • ●Customers who use tickets eligible for the benefits available through the PASMO PASSPORT are asked to present the reference paper issued at the time of purchase.
  • ●Cannot be combined with any other offers or coupons. In addition, the offers do not apply to location tickets that were purchased in advance.
  • ●Each train ticket makes you eligible for special offers at the shops and restaurants listed. Unless otherwise stated, each ticket is valid once per person at each shop or restaurant. However, the terms of use vary from one location to another. Please check with a representative when you redeem a ticket for one of the offers.
  • ●Please contact each location and store for open hours and closed days.
  • ●The information in this guidebook is accurate as of March 2020 and is subject to change without prior notice.
  • Tokyo Metro

Check the websites for Tokyo Metro and TOEI TRANSPORTATION for more details on eligibility for the CHIKA TOKU and a railway map to see zones for unlimited rides.